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American Idol 9 Top 11

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American Idol 9 Top 11 Empty American Idol 9 Top 11

Post by Mr Poco Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:12 pm

1) Crystal Bowersox - A+
Bowersox! Bowersox! Bowersox! Freakamazing week after week. Once again, effortless. Talk about pitch perfect Ellen. I'll get to that at a certain someone.

2) Casey James - A
Perfect song. Forget what Simon was babbling about. He's natural at what he does. With the guitar. Singing. Very solid performance by Kara's boy toy.

3) Michael Lynche - A
I don't know anything about lounge performances so I'll just go by how I thought about the performance, which is great. His smooth vocals fit so well with the song and I actually like all the rifts Razz

4) Lee Dewyze - B+
Way to open the show. Granted it was not as good as Michael and Carly's duet on the song but it was good. Now all he gotta do is to work up that confidence and we have a dark horse.

5) Katie Stevens - B+
Now that is a current song that fits her voice. I always thought her voice is only meant for oldies Razz, which isn't a bad thing at all. Now if she can keep finding these kinda songs, that will get the judges off her backs.

6) Siobhan Magnus - B
Yea, yea very high notes which went totally off tune and my parents were clapping? Didn't they catch that? Normally she does hit it, not this time though. That last screech is bad.

7) Aaron Kelly - C
A little boy taking on this huge classic. Not even one second I thought this would work, and it didn't. He can do no wrong to the judges which is stupid because he never deserved all the praises he got. He doesn't have no vocal chops to do this song. And pitch perfect Ellen? Gimme a break.

Cool Didi Benami - C
Fake bitch. End of story.

9) Andrew Garcia - D
Man, that was bad. Everything about that was so unnatural. It's all so put on. The movements. The singing. I don't think putting down the guitar helps. He don't even know where to put his hands ==

10) Paige Miles - F+
The first half or more of the song was horrendous. The rest I didn't think it was that bad but it was definitely not enough to make it up for the first part. This song, on paper should work for her, but it just fell apart.

11) Tim Urban - F
What can I say. Go home. So bad and not even as interesting as Sanjaya. Sanjaya may be bad, but he's always fun to watch. Go slide somewhere else and leave us alone.

P/S: Miley Cyrus surprised me. I thought she was a great mentor.
Mr Poco
Mr Poco

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