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TAR 16 - Episode 7 - Anonymous?

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TAR 16 - Episode 7 - Anonymous? Empty TAR 16 - Episode 7 - Anonymous?

Post by Mr Poco Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:33 am

For once, Brent/Caite outsmarted the other teams and got themselves the best seat on the plane. And finally, those idiot detectives fell out of first place.

Calling themselves one of the strongest team... and they never even came out on top before. I started out liking these two, but I want them gone now.

Lol at so many teams getting screwed over by coconuts. Only Dan/Jordan manage to complete it the first try and got themselves a good ox.

Steve/Allie did with the turtles and got themselves a good turtle which brought them to first place. Good on them. But they didn't have it perfectly done because they left their backpacks.

I actually think Steve/Allie made a wrong decision of not going back. It might come back to bite their asses the next leg. I'd personally would rather have my backpacks over a first place finish at one leg. It's not like they are so behind.

The beauty queen and boyfriend whines about it being unfair because they dropped a coconut. Babies! And Carol blamed Brandy for them losing a coconut.

LOL. That's funny.

Steve/Allie came in first. Congrats. And for the first time in a long time, I was actually nervous during the pitstop race of the last two teams. Unofortunately, the cowboys came in last but thankfully, it's a non-elimination. They better catch up next week and get Carol/Brandy out.

LOL. Proving that Caite is not the only dumb one. So is the boyfriend.

I have to say my favorites so far are both the brothers team. They don't whine. They enjoy the race. They are fun and entertaining to watch. Can't say the same for the rest. Steve/Allie are right behind those two. Don't like the rest.
Mr Poco
Mr Poco

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TAR 16 - Episode 7 - Anonymous? Empty Re: TAR 16 - Episode 7 - Anonymous?

Post by Little Missy Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:52 am

haha.. good one... I don't like that 2 girls team too.. heeehhehehe
Little Missy
Little Missy
Chatbox Moderator
Chatbox Moderator

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