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TAR 16 - Episode 4 - We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt

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TAR 16 - Episode 4 - We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt Empty TAR 16 - Episode 4 - We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt

Post by Mr Poco Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:46 pm

Okay. I think we should have these episodic topic~

You know last time, I used to loved the part at the beginning when they recap the previous episode and felt more excited towards the coming episode after watching that. But I don't know what happen to these short recaps. They just don't have the kinda oomph anymore and feel kind of disjointed. Much like those of TARA which I've always felt failed in comparison. Now, TAR is taking the similar route. Maybe that's just me.

Well, he came on the race just to help his brother achieve his dreams, how very nice of him lol. If I were him who hated to travel and everything, I would say screw this. And during the intersection, I don't know how he manage to talk while being flung through the air, but he was calming Brandy all the way down, up and down again. So, sweet lil Dan... proven... twice~

I cannot believe Brent and Jeff would let those two to go on their own to do a task lol. Err.. hello, those two don't aren't exactly... well, let's just say they're not that bright. And what happen if you pair two bimbos (sorry lol, I just love to use this word) together, taking a train in the opposite direction. OKOK, that's not exactly serious and anyone could have done it, but still, something much worse could have happened with these two Razz Since nothing else really happen, good for them I guess~ Oh, and if you've been watching, they are proven bimbos Razz

You've got to feel for her watching her jump. She was genuinely terrified. As in, she could have just passed out right there and then. My hats off to her for being afraid but yet not hesitating in doing it because it's not only her race life on the line but the team she was paired with. Not to mention there is another team waiting. So good job.

Wow Caite. Didn't expect her to be good in soccer. Don't judge a book by its cover I guess but I'm really impressed. And good for her for sticking it out till the end and not switching detours. If not, they would have been last. But c'mon Caite, bring us more "Afghanistan and such as" kind of remarks. Humor me XD.

Don't know about you guys, but I've always liked Intersection and am glad it's back. It's just fun to watch the different dynamics between two different teams. Though they didn't show much of that. Just them reading the clue, reaching the task and completing it. I wanted to see more but I guess there ain't enough time. Except for of course Jordan & Caite XD

No offense to those who like Michael & Louie but I absolutely do not like this team. All the while, I was hoping some other teams (any team) would catch up to them and be first. Unfortunately they did reach first. Their egos are huge and they both have severe face problems XD. I can't wait to watch them fall. Hopefully some time soon. And the whole licking the plate thing is extremely obnoxious. Just the way he did it because I don't find Carol & Brandi being obnoxious doing that lol.

I've said quite a number of times that I hated Jeff on Big Brother, but him and Jordan as a duo aren't as bad as I initially thought they would be. I am glad they are still in the race because I want more of Jordan's funny remarks. So no complaints here. If it's the detectives at this spot, all hell breaks loose lol.

Did I miss anything? That's the things I can recall for now. I know there's the beer task but there's nothing exciting there.
Mr Poco
Mr Poco

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TAR 16 - Episode 4 - We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt Empty Re: TAR 16 - Episode 4 - We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt

Post by Med Student Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:59 pm

Hey I was thinking the same thing; why not have threads for each episode. Thanks for making them Poco.

The funniest part of this episode for me has to be when Jordan & Caite paired up. I was hoping for something more funny to happen, like them getting on an inter-city train & going off to another city! And I think that almost happened to Jordan & Jeff when their taxi driver took them onto the highway away from the Hamburg. I loved that part -
"Jeff: Where is this HAM BURGER place?
Taxi Driver: Yes, this is HAMBURG." ROFL!!!

Last episode Jeff said that he & Jordan shouldn't reproduce and from this episode I can say Jordan & Caite should star in a sitcom!

And I wonder why Joe & Heidi chose the soccer detour first when Joe was already having pain in his knee. The other eating detour was much easier I think, if you weren't Jordan & Jeff who had to drink water in the middle of an eating challenge.

I agree, Michael & Louie are just not likeable at all. They're attitutide is just repulsive & that really makes them obnoxious.

Yes, I too loved the intersection & the fact that a new team was formed with members from two different original teams. I hope they kep them intersected for a longer time/a task that required teamwork in the future.
Med Student
Med Student

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